Friday, March 9, 2012

Gluesticks: PVC Framed Canopy Bed

Gluesticks: PVC Framed Canopy Bed:  While browsing Toys R Us & Babies R Us last weekend, we came across a cute Tinkerbell canopy bed that Kaylee just loved. She already had a ...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Church Planting Whirlwind

Well, it's been too long since I wrote. My life has been in the whirlwind of church planting! What an adventure we are going to have with Salt Church!

I never realized all the legal stuff you have to deal with. We have been getting insurance, filling for non-profit status, incorporating, waiting on approval from the Assemblies of God -which we just recieved (our church fellowship), and so much more! We are learning so much!

We have started having our core team meetings for Salt in our living room (which means a lot more cleaning!).  It has been going well and by the grace of God our team has been growing. We are still awaiting God to send us a childrens' director and someone with pastoral experience!

I have been learning to stretch our dollars even more! I am already an extreme couponer wanna be, but now it is a necessity. I have learned to be much more creative with our meals. We have been eating a lot more soups because of their meat stretching abilities!

We are about to enter into the adventure of fundraising! In our fellowship, there is a 30,000 dollar matching grant that we could desperately use to make this church a success! We are in the midst of building a website, writing support letters, and planning fundraisers! God has blessed us with many talented people around us that have been helping us pull everything together.

All this, plus homeschooling my children, makes for little time to myself! I have not had time to blog. I hope to get to it more often!