Monday, August 12, 2013

Tinkerbell Blessings

This past week I had the privilege of attending the Assemblies of God 55th General Council. Words cannot begin to tell of all the ways God blessed us while we were there in the midst of nearly 35,000 others from our fellowship. Maybe I will share some stories later!

While there, I participated in a new ministry for Pastor's Wives called Her Green Room. As I was leaving the room I was asked, along with many others, to film a short video for a new study that will be produced in the near future. They gave me several different topics they were looking for, such as worship, discipleship, and relationships. I wasn't sure I had anything for those categories, but I said I'm not afraid to do it. The woman with the film crew asked me what came to my mind. I told her a story from my daughter's adoption. I don't think I've shared it here before.

We adopted my daughter from a teen mom that had been in and out of our ministry for years. She returned to the ministry when she found out she was expecting. She was planning on parenting the baby. I was one of her support people. I was even in the delivery room, never knowing she would be my child.

Katrina's birth mother parented her for 7 months before she came to me. She asked me to take her because it was too much for her. She was in over her head. She was a single mom, raised by a single mom, raised by a single mom, and so on. After sleeping on it one night my husband and I decided to take her.

The 4 week process of social workers, adoption lawyers, fundraising, etc. was a whirlwind! There were a lot of emotional lows. We often questioned whether we were doing the right thing. Was Katrina really supposed to be part of our family?

This was the end of September of 2010. Halloween was approaching. My kids always dress up and go to an area church that hosts a fall festival. That year, Bobby wanted to dress as Peter Pan. Knowing that we would have Katrina by the festival, we really wanted her to go as Tinkerbell. Considering all the adoption expenses, there was really no money leftover to buy a costume (esp. for a baby that wouldn't know the difference). It wasn't really important, but we all kind of hoped it might work out.

I came home from a day out. While I was gone a friend had come by to drop off some clothes for my soon to be daughter. At the very top of the bag, was a Tinkerbell costume! I started to cry right there! God cared enough about me to send me a silly costume that didn't really matter! It was a confirmation that Katrina was destined to be in our family!

It amazes me that God cares about each of us, so individually, to send us the little things that don't really seem to matter. It may seem insignificant to anyone but you!

If it matters to your heart, it matters to God!