Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Adoption is Final

Well after seven months (eight if you include the one since we found out we were adopting her) has passed and she is finally all ours!  We left at 6am Thursday morning to travel to Tavares for her court.  The process was much less emotional than I thought it would be.  We were sitting in the Judge's chambers and it was just our attorney asking us simple things like "Has she been in your custody since Oct. 12, 2010? Is your marriage stable?" etc. The most emotional part was when we read our statements on why we want to adopt her.  (I'll post mine at the end.) At the end, our attorney asked "Judge, do you agree that the child should be placed in the permanent custody of Rob and Lisa and shall be hereby known as Katrina Ellise?" He said "OK".  The Judge was nice and spent quite some time small talking afterwards with my husband.  I am so relieved to have it past us, but I thought there would be more ceremony to it! 

On Thursday night, the first night she was officially ours, she kept us up all night, just like a newborn.  I don't know what was the matter, the hotel I guess- although we've been away from home before, but she cried most of the night.  She spent the night in our bed, mostly not sleeping.  How ironic that she would act like a newborn that night!  She has been fine since. 

It is so nice to have this all completed!  No more lawyers, or social workers.  At least not until or unless we do this again.  I'm not ready for it anytime soon, but if God opened another door...

My court statement

From the moment Katrina’s birth mom told me she was pregnant I knew I would have a hand in her life.  When I was there to witness her birth and held her to feed from her birth mother for the first time and felt her little jaw move, I knew I would be a part of her life.  When her birth mother called me to pick Katrina up from day care and take her to a hospital due to a high fever and I rocked her and calmed her I knew there was a special bond with her.  I never once dreamed I would be her mom! It seems God had it all in His plan from the beginning.  I am so blessed to not only have two boys by birth, but to be chosen to be Katrina’s mom. 

I have loved Katrina since before I ever knew she would be mine.  It has been such a joy to see her transform from a scared and angry baby to a sweet, secure, and joyful toddler.  She amazes me every day!

Becoming Katrina’s mom has not only made me fall in love with her, but it has made me love our family even more.  Seeing my boys love her and take care of her has brought me so much pride and happiness.  It makes me love my husband more to see him cherish our little girl.

I can not imagine life without our little girl.  She is our princess.  I am so excited to see the amazing plans God has for her.  I am so blessed to be chosen to be her mother!

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